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The Workshop is addressed to researchers and Ph.D. students in Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science. It will be held at the “Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture”, Erice, Trapani, Italy.

The “Data Analysis in Astronomy” Workshop series started in 1984 aiming to provide an updated overview of advanced methods and related applications to astronomy and astrophysics. It progressively enlarged its scope toward simulation and modelling, opening to three major branches of Science (Astrophysics, Biology and Earth Environment).

The series strongly contributed to stimulate and enforce the scientific interaction between astrophysicists - and then other scientists - and experts in data analysis, who debated and compared results and methods, theory and experiments. The analysis of the interrelation together with the impact of new technologies and innovative design on fields such as Cosmology, Biology or Climatology cannot be else than a beneficial fallout of the initiative

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Director of the Workshop

Bertrand Zavidovique

I.E.F. Université Paris Sud

Orsay, France

Steering Committee

Dalia Chakrabarty

University of Warwick

Coventry, UK

Maria Concetta Maccarone

Ist. Astrofisica Spaziale

e Fisica Cosmica /INAF

Palermo, Italy

Gustav Bernroider

University of Salzburg, Austria.

Luciano Boi

Ec. des Ht. Et. en Sciences Sociales

Paris, France.

Umberto Bottazzini,

Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

Malay K. Kundu

Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata,


Sisir Roy

Indian Statistical Institute

Kolkata, India

Hezy Yeshurun

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Local Secretariat

Giosuè Lo Bosco

DMI, University of Palermo, Italy

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  1. Bullet inference mechanisms in modelling: from Bayes to self-assembly and perhaps more

  2. Bullet data merging: mastering uncertainty, imprecision and incompleteness

  3. Bullet perceptual models: scale invariance, quantum physics and geometry, etc.

  4. Bullet credible agents: reality, models and (computer) representation of complex systems

  5. Bullet multi scale analysis: rare phenomena, data mining and large data bases

  6. Bullet virtual and augmented reality to experiment: from computer graphics to virtual observation or computational biology



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Notification of acceptance:

Final version to be sent:

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Dr Sebastian AHNERT (UK) - Self-assembly, modularity, complexity

Pr Gustav BERNROIDER (Austria) - Common grounds

Pr Luciano BOI (France) - Seeing the world from inside

Pr Alfred BRUCKSTEIN (Israel) - From ants to a(ge)nts

Pr Dalia CHAKRABARTY (UK) - Phase portrait of dynamical systems

Pr Oliver DORN (UK) - Data to Images

Pr Jean-Claude HEUDIN (France) - Reality, models and representation

Pr Hans Liljenström (Sweden) - Evolving Complexity, Cognition, and Consciousness

Pr Giuseppe LONGO (Italy) - Virtual reality in astronomy

Pr Rafael MOLINA (Spain) - Superresolution for satellite imagery

Pr Fionn MURTAGH (Ireland) - High dimensional Hierarchical clustering

Pr Vladimir NEKORKIN (Russia) - Nonlinear dynamics in biology 

Pr Sankar PAL (India) - Uncertainty analysis in pattern recognition

Pr Fabio PASIAN (Italy) - International virtual observatory

Pr Tim PALMER (UK) -  New Perspectives on Unpredictability

Pr Carlos PEREIRA (Brazil) - Information in Statistics

Pr Sisir ROY (India) - Noise in living systems

Pr Antonio SAGGION (Italia) - Causation and Extensive Quantities

Partial list,

January 31th, 2011

February 28th, 2011

March 15st, 2011

April 15th, 2011


On the behalf of
Prof. A. Zichichi

(President of the EMFCSC)

the DAA - Data Analysis in Astronomy Workshops are from now dedicated to
Livio Scarsi and Vito DiGesù
who enthusiastically inspired the series.